2016-2017 Groups

Course Unions

Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace Course Union (ACU) is an academic student group
representing all undergraduate students enrolled in Aerospace
Engineering at Ryerson. At the beginning of each academic year,
the ACU hosts an orientation for incoming Aerospace Engineering
students as well as networking events with representatives from the
Aerospace Industry. [email protected]
Office: KHE 040 E

[email protected]

Biomedical Engineering (CUBE)

Since the biomedical program first started at Ryerson University
both a course union was formed (CUBE) for social events/assistance
and a student Chapter BMES for industry endeavors. Any biomedical
updates at Ryerson can be found on their wall. You can drop by their
office which is located at POD365.


Chemical Engineering

This year the Ryerson Chemical Engineering will be hosting its annual
Industry Night during both semester and will be looking to host
multiple events to get all years of Chemical Engineering. Our presidents
this year have a strong Focus on UNITY as we hope to change
the Chem Union forever.

[email protected]

Civil Engineering (RCES)

The Ryerson Society of Civil Engineering (RSCE) is a student-run
society representing the interests of students in the Civil Engineering
and Geomatics Option program. RSCE provides peer support and
various forms of student involvement through social, academic, and
engineering competition events throughout the year. Our goal is to
make sure you get the most out of your student life experience at

Electrical & Computer Engineering (RECESS)

The Ryerson Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society
(RECESS) helps leverage your academic year with a combination
of academic, professional and just fun events to keep you sane.
Their main responsibility is representing you, the undergrad, at the
department level. Their other main thing is improving your Ryerson
EE experience.

Office: KHE 40

[email protected]

Industrial Engineering

Welcome to Ryerson IEs’! Industrial Engineering is the broadest field
anyone could pursue. Whether it be a career in financial services,
healthcare, aviation or even fashion, it is definitely for you. Essentially
you are meeting the business side of engineering. Welcome
to where the leaders of innovation are. The ladies and gentlemen
whom wish to tackle efficiency and optimize any kind of system,
whether it be in an assembly line or even in human factors. We are
proudly the professional face of engineering and here to do business.
If you have any questions about this amazing program, please
feel free to message me at: [email protected] RESS and IIE Ryerson
Chapter are here to help you make the most of your time at Ryerson!

[email protected]

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical union is one of the most active student union around the
campus.It works for the students through out the year and arranges
different events which helps students academically and socially.It
gives mechanical engineering students a chance to get familiar with

[email protected]

Design Teams

Canadian National Concrete Canoe Team

Work on this monstrosity begins in December for a competition in mid-May. Visit the team in MON 106A.


CanSat is a team focused on designing and building a
mock satellite glider. This year’s competition consists of placing the
mock satellite into a rocket and launching it over 1000 ft in the air.
Once released from the rocket, the payload will collect atmospheric
data and transmit it wirelessly to ground. When it reaches a specified
altitude, the payload will deploy wings and glide to the ground. This
team combines components of aircraft design, avionics/electrical
engineering, programming and space systems design into one single
competition. We accept members of all branches of engineering and
have positions available for student of any year. Learn more at http://

[email protected]

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan (GNCTR) Team

Just as fun as it sounds. The
toboggan must be made of 50% Portland cement. There are races
and design competitions. Visit the Civil course union in MON 101 early
in the year to get involved.

[email protected]

Ryerson Aero Design (RAD)

Construct a remote controlled aircraft
for the SAE Aero Design Competition. The primary objective is to lift
the most weight. The workshop is located in KHE 06.

[email protected]

Ryerson Baja Racing


[email protected]

Ryerson Formula Racing

hey build a race car, what more do you
want to know? Visit their shop in KHE 023 or http://www.ryersonformulasae.

[email protected]

Ryerson Rams Robotics (R3)

The Ryerson Rams Robotics (R3) is a
robotics collective aimed at promoting and enhancing robotics education
for Ryerson students, by having member’s design, build, and
compete in robotics related challenges or competitions. R3 seeks to
provide useful hands on experience through the robotic design process
while allowing students to collaborate with other like-minded
students as well industry professionals.
Any Ryerson student is welcome to join. R3 accepts a wide range of
members including those with no experience, all the way up to those
who are ready to compete in the next competition.
One of R3’s best accomplishments to date was the creation RamsBot,
Ryerson University’s own basketball-shooting robot as featured during
a Toronto Raptors game, as well as Discovery’s Daily Planet.
For more info please check out R3 on Facebook and Twitter:
[email protected]

Ryerson Rocketry Club

The Ryerson Rocketry Club (RRC) is a team
of students who all share a common passion for wanting to build
and launch rockets. We aim to teach new students the basics of high
powered rocketry as well as exposing them to many advanced manufacturing
techniques. We compete each year at the Intercollegiate
Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) to deliver a 10 lbs. payload to
10,000 feet in our custom designed rocket. Interested in joining? Contact
us at [email protected] for more information!

Ryerson Solar Racing


[email protected]

Ryerson Steel Bridge Team

Coming Soon


Ryerson Supermileage SAE
Ryerson Supermileage is a student
team that designs and builds a single passenger internal combustion
vehicle to to achieve the highest fuel efficiency (MPG) in the SAE Supermileage
international competition. The team is a great way to gain
hands on experience in computer modelling, fabrication, resin-fiber
composites, engine tuning, project management and much more. It’s
also a great way to network with other university teams and international
companies. Check out our website, follow us on Facebook and
Twitter, or come by our shop in the Engineering Design Zone (KHN
3E) and see who we are and what we do!http://ryersonsupermileage.

[email protected]

Ryerson Thrill Club (RTC)

Do you like rollercoasters? Waterslides?
Carnival rides? Then Thrill club is where you belong! This group of
Thrill enthusiasts spend their spare time learning about the engineering
behind amusement rides and devices, their accessibility requirements,
how rides are developed, etc. As well, the club works on models
and other projects related to the industry in order to learn about
how these incredible systems work. The other main focus of the club
is on networking with industry professionals by being involved with
ASTM F.24 and IAAPA. The amusement industry is where creative design
and engineering meet to create fun, don’t miss out!

[email protected]

Ryerson Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team (RUAV)

They build unmanned
aerial vehicles that can either be remotely controlled, or
flown autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans. Feel
free to visit them at the Aerospace Course Union office in KHE 40E to
get involved, or check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyersonUAV/