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President – Farhan Riaz: [email protected]

Vice President Operations – Minakshi Suri: [email protected]

Vice President Communications – Sam Arabastani: [email protected]

Vice President Student Life – Shazman Uddin: [email protected]

Vice President Academic – Valerian Glenn Gomes: [email protected]

Vice President Corporate Relations – Noor Gangi: [email protected]

Vice President Finance – Ali Yousaf: [email protected]

Aerospace Director – Macarena Soncini: [email protected]

Biomedical Director – Katherine Chan: [email protected]

Chemical Director – Sarah Bailey: [email protected]

Civil Director – Ahmadreza Khonsari: [email protected]

Computer Director – Jaskaran Lamba: [email protected]

Electrical Director – Karol Bahnan: [email protected]

Industrial Director – Asif Farabi: [email protected]

Mechanical Director – Miranda Pinto: [email protected]



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