How to start a new student group

Create a pitch/presentation and present to the RESS Board of Directors.

Pitch Guidelines

Your pitch/presentation must (at least) address the following:

a) Which ENG demographic does it affect (Elec, chem, mech, all)?
b) Anticipated operating costs and revenue strategy (if any)?
c) Why do you think there is a need for this group?
d) Can you survive without space?
e) Does this overlap with/conflict with any other student group that already exists?

The presentation must have visual aid (such as PowerPoint or Prezi or a video etc.)

File Submissions

1)  A PowerPoint or Prezi or a video (some visual aid)

2) A maximum 4 page summary of proposed student group (addressing all the questions above and more). This can be in Word or PDF (printable format) which will be printed and given to the Board members prior to the start of the presentation.

Files/links to be submitted to [email protected] and [email protected] 48 hours before your allotted time in the Board meeting.
This board meeting will be sometime in June and the date will be announced at least a week in advance.

The Pitch/Presentation

The timings for the upcoming board meetings will be given to you (or a special one will be held for student group statuses). You may request a slot of time (15 minutes maximum) in one of the Board Meetings by emailing the Vice-President Operations ([email protected]) with your name, details etc. Once the timing is confirmed, you will be invited to present your idea in front of the board.

Considering RESS is the ‘voice’ of the people, it can speak on people’s behalf and be the “gatekeeper” for which groups should operate within the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS).

The Decision

The board will make an informed decision (not right away, may take a week or so) as to whether there is a need for this student group and if RESS can support it at this time and in the long run.

Status & Budget Approval

If approved as a student group, there was no guarantee that the group would operate the following year. Hence stage 2 is applying for ‘status’ (by the end of July), that is if you feel your group is ready. A status form will be sent to all new groups upon their approval.

This is a form which when you fill out will say (a) we’re operating this year (b) these are our plans (c) this is our budget request.


For more info, please contact [email protected]

Next BOD Meeting


If you wish to attend this meeting, please email [email protected] confirming your attendance

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