2016 – 2017 BOD


Farhan Riaz

Farhan is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student, specializing in Mechatronics. He also has 13 month experience working in the industry as a co-op student. He hopes to bring best practices used in the industry and apply it to RESS. Farhan’s ultimate goal on RESS is to help and inspire engineering students become the best engineers they can be!
His various fields of interest include Photography, film, graphic design, Programming, science and philosophy.

[email protected]

Minakshi Suri
Vice President Operations

Minakshi is in her third year of civil engineering. She has served as NEM Chair , Lead Fair Trade Director with EWB and is a Frosh Leader. Her goal is ensure that there are open lines of communication between directors and executives, as well as bringing the Ryerson Engineering Community loads of swag through various assortments of merchandise. If you ever have any ideas for a design or any sort of merchandise you would like to see don’t be afraid to ask !

[email protected]

Samarth Arabastani
Vice President Communications

Sam is a third year Electrical Engineering student. He has worn many hats so far such as a consultant, sales representative, humanitarian worker. As a consequence, he has accumulated a breadth of skills that go above and beyond his course material. Moreover, he has been an actively involved student throughout his time at Ryerson, from representing RyEng internationally to being a spirited frosh leader. As VP communications of RESS, he aims to ensure that the RyEng community is aware of all applicable opportunities and that the successes of Engineering students are effectively showcased.

Sam greatly enjoys playing volleyball and soccer, so whether you’re looking an intramural team to join or know an engineering student who should be showcased, feel free to contact Sam at [email protected].

Shazman Uddin
Vice President Student Life

Shazman Uddin is a third year Civil Engineering student at Ryerson University. He has been actively involved in various student groups on campus since the start of his Ryerson journey. He has started as the VP of communications for his course union, and also took on various roles as VP events, student ambassador/ representative and FEAS director (RSU). Alongside his studies, he manages to maintain a part-time job on campus as a facility staff under the athletic department. His goal is to utilise the skills he has managed to acquire from various roles for the betterment of the engineering society, by uniting it; through the ideology of “Inclusiveness”, “awareness” and “accessibility”. All in all, he gets around a lot

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Imad Ansari
Vice President External

Imad is in his final year of Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University. First time being involved in RESS, Imad is really eager and excited to being part of an elite group of hardworking and dedicated members. Imad is an ambitious individual who always takes the initiative with a positive attitude. More importantly with the ambitious mindset, he is able to implement his ideas and bring them into reality. He is been an enthusiastic and an active candidate in representing the Mechanical Engineering community at Ryerson. Imad has been dedicatedly involved in CSME and MECU in the past years and looks forward to bringing the same level of success, if not more to RESS.

Imad wishes everyone an enjoyable, exciting and more importantly a successful year. Imad looks forward to working with everyone and hopes this year is RyEng’s greatest year.

[email protected]

Noor Gangi
Vice President Corporate Relations

Noor is a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering student who not only believes that success comes only through hard work and commitment. Noor has been actively involved in the Ryerson engineering community in one way or another since he got here. He was a First Year Engineering Board (FYEB) representative in his first year and worked with the Aerospace Course Union (ACU) the following year. This year, Noor hopes to expand RESS’s professional image both internally and externally as he sets his sight on building lasting partnerships with the industry and bring in sponsors. In his spare time, Noor enjoys reading magazines, books, and comics – basically anything written. Binge watching TV shows is also one of Noor’s expertise. Do not hesitate to contact Noor at [email protected].

Valerian Glenn Gomes
Vice President Academic

Valerian Gomes is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student.  His goals for this year are to make Ryerson Engineering Students accountable for their own success by providing all the means to succeed.  With Notes,  Midterms and Workshops to assist the students.  Valerian is the Captain of the Cross Country Team at Ryerson,  Cheerleader,  and low key dancer when no one is watching .  “To give anything less than your best is the sacrifice the gift”  – Prefontaine

[email protected]

Ali Yousaf
Vice President Finance

Ali Yousaf is entering his third year of mechanical engineering at Ryerson and currently serving as the Vice-President Finance for RESS and International Student Representative for RSU. In the past, he has served as the mechanical director in the year 2015 – 2016. With hard work and dedication, he aims to improve the financial operations of RESS, including cheque requisition and budget allocation, to make finances easily manageable for the student body.
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Macarena Soncini
Aerospace Director

Macarena Soncini is a third year aerospace engineering student specializing in the spacecraft stream. She is looking to collaborate with other course unions in order to bring the Ryerson community together through social and professional events. In addition to being aerospace director, Macarena is also VP Outreach for the Aerospace Course Union.

On a completely unrelated note, to get Macarena’s interest, be sure to mention cats or Pink Floyd. Be sure to say hello if you see her around!

You can reach Macarena at [email protected].

Katherine Chan
Biomedical Director

After spending a year on RESS as a member of the First Year Engineering Board, attending engineering conferences and competitions, and embracing the engineering community, Katherine has learnt that there is so much that RESS and RyEng have to offer. She has decided that she is going to learn everything that she possibly can as Biomedical Director in order to best act as a liaison between RESS, the course union, and the amazingly diverse Biomedical Engineering community in order to ensure that her fellow BMEs get the most out of what the Ryerson engineering community has to offer.

Katherine will be working her hardest to deliver a level of enthusiasm to RESS and the activities that are planned for the 2016-2017 year. Feel free to say hello if you see her around!

Katherine can be reached at [email protected].

Ahmadreza Khonsari
Civil Director

Reza is a second year civil engineering student. His childhood dream was to build skyscrappers so he was like why not and got into civil engineering. Reza strives to be the best, He always tries to be better than the person he was yesterday. Reza’s main goal for this year is to make the university life of civil engineering students as smooth as problems while doing workshops and exciting events.

Among his friends, Reza is known as Dr. Reza because he helps everyone and he knows everything. He does anything he can to help people, so feel free to message him for anything. Reza is the biggest Kanye fan you will ever know, he knows every Kanye lyrics and loves to have deep conversations about Kanye’s music.

Reza can be reached at [email protected].

Sarah Bailey & Sean Leizerovich
Chemical Directors

Sarah is a second year chemical engineering student. She came to Ryerson planing to design plastic recycling plants using bacteria as a primary reduction resource. She plans to use her position as chemical engineering director to increase industry involvement in the Chemical Engineering community, improve co-op placement and bridge the gap between alumni and students.



Sean is a 3rd year Chemical Engineering Student. He also has 8 months’ worth of experience working in the industry as a co-op student and previously being VP Social for RyeChemU. He hopes to bring his experiences and array of skills to benefit the engineering student body. Sean’s goal for this year is to improve the academic, social, and professional lives of his fellow peers. He has interests in literature, programming, mathematics and snowboarding.

They can be reached at [email protected].

Jaskiran Lamba
Computer Director

Jaskiran is a 3rd year Computer engineering student with a passion in programming. Since the day he joined Ryerson engineering, Jaskiran has looked to make a positive impact on his faculty by being involved through extracurricular activities.  As the Computer Engineering director, Jaskiran will work hard to bring change to Ryerson Engineering by ensuring that students in Computer engineering have proper representation and support around campus. He will provide engineering students with better academic and social support to ensure success in all aspects of life. Specifically to Computer engineering students, he will look to invite professionals employed in the field of technology to provide students with an opportunity to network and understand what it takes to be successful in real life.

[email protected]

Karol Bahnan
Electrical Director

Karol is entering his third year of electrical engineering at Ryerson. In the past year, he was the charity commissioner for the Ryerson engineering student society. He later decided to step up and represent the electrical engineering community as their director. In this coming school term, Karol aims to get more electrical engineering students involved with RESS. This will be done by hosting a variety of events that will create interest within the electrical engineering community. More importantly, his main goal as electrical director is to build connections between the students in electrical engineering and their classmates, department and students in other disciplines. In this coming year, Karol will be guiding the electrical engineering community on their path to success.

As a side note, Karol is a great FIFA player and he has what he calls the “Karol open challenge”. If you would like to face him in FIFA or have any issues/questions regarding electrical engineering, feel free to contact him via email at [email protected].

Asif Farabi
Industrial Director

Asif Farabi is in his second year of industrial engineering. Previously, he was part of the charity team for Ryerson Engineering Student Society. In the coming year, he aims to make changes that industrial engineers were you like to see for their program. Most importantly, he will create bridges between the industrial engineers of Ryerson by hosting different types of events and activities for them. Feel free to contact Asif Farabi at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Miranda Pinto
Mechanical Director

Miranda is in her third year of Mechanical Engineering.  As Mechanical Director, she encourages collaboration within the department, and aims to provide technical resources for students to succeed.
Miranda is a 2015 Norman Esch Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award winner and is also an active member of Engineers without Borders, Ryerson Solar Racing and volunteers with the Tetra Society of North America. As an entrepreneur, humanitarian and leader in the community, she aims to share her experiences with RESS and empower students to make the most out of their undergrad beyond the classroom walls.

First Year Engineering Board

Zaira Inayat

Zaira is a first year mechanical engineering student. Her passion for getting involved on campus and love for the RyEng family led her to join RESS as a First Year Engineering Board member. Her goal is to ensure that all first years are aware of the amazing opportunities Ryerson Engineering offers and to open up channels of communication between first year students and the rest of the Ryerson engineering community. Zaira is excited to work with RESS to make sure that first years have an incredible start to their undergraduate careers. Don’t hesitate to contact her anytime (literally anytime because she barely sleeps) at [email protected]

Oana Duta

Oana joined RESS to be a part of something bigger. She enjoys to help people in anyway she can, it is what motivates her, and joining RESS seemed like the perfect option. By the end of this year she hopes to help at least one person in need. Oana can be reached at [email protected]

Osama Mayassi

Starting his long and exciting journey in Civil Engineering, Osama Mayassi is one of three members on the First Year Engineering Board. Osama has gained a lot experience through executive positions domestically and overseas which makes him a great addition to the RESS team. With many Ambitious titles under his belt such as Best Froshie of the year and a self-proclaimed genius Osama Mayassi is determined to make ‘engineering great again.™’   Through his drive and enthusiasm, the 2016/2017 academic year has a promising outlook. Osama can be reached at [email protected]