2017 – 2018 BOD


Edwin Philippe Alegre

Hi RyEng! My name is Edwin Philippe Alegre, a fourth year Electrical Engineering Student. I’m aiming towards a career in the Robotics and Control Systems field and I’m just coming back from a 16 month internship from AMD. I’ve been involved in RESS since my first year, on top of other clubs and teams such as IEEE, OEC, Orientation and many more. I love being able to help people out and to get them more involved in the engineering community! After all, we’re all stuck with each other for a couple of years, we may as well have fun and get to know each other!

RESS will be entering its 30th year this 2018. As such, my team and I have began to dedicate our lives to make this year the best that RyEng has ever seen! A major part in that is you! As our students, our entire job revolves around making sure you are taken care of, that you have the proper tools and resources to become the successful engineer that we know you to be. RESS is located in KHE 123, our doors are open from 9AM to 4PM weekdays throughout the school year. Make sure to always drop by when you can, we love to hear from our students!

Please if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at [email protected]. I want to do anything I can to make your time at Ryerson the best years of your life!

I hope to support students in their journey to acquiring their Iron Ring and I wish every a successful year at Ryerson Engineering!

[email protected]

Renee Vettivelu
Vice President Operations

Renee Vettivelu is a third year aerospace engineering student, specializing in the Space stream. She is passionate about her field and is excited about her future in it. Throughout her years at Ryerson, she has been involved with the Aerospace Course Union and is the current president. She has also been a part of Poetic Exchange and has competed with the team internationally.

Renee is excited to embark with her RESS team this year to make our community exceptional and strong. Her goals are to increase our student engagement, expand engineering mental health services, give our students the best merchandise, and foster a warm presence as an engineering society. She is honoured to be a part of RESS’ 30th team and will do all it takes to make this year our best.

Most importantly, Renee wants to hear back from the students. Feedback is incredibly important and helps our society improve. If you see her around, say hello and stay in contact with her on social media/reach her email!

[email protected]

Divyansh Singh Chandel
Vice President Communications

Divyansh Singh Chandel is a third year aerospace engineering student specializing in the space stream. Divyansh has always been heavily involved in campus ever since he joined Ryerson. He was part of the Aerospace course Union, Engineers Without Borders and also part of tetra Ryerson which builds devices for disabilities. This year divyansh wants to build a spirit of unity and rejoice between all of the engineers. He also plans to make different creative YouTube videos on how to use different softwares including Photoshop,Lightroom and illustrator.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Ryerson Engineering Student Society and Divyansh could not be more happy to be part of this amazing milestone.

You will be getting a bunch of newsletters every week from him and he hopes to hear back from all of you as well. Welcome to Ryerson and if you have any questions or concerns please email me!

[email protected].

Youssef Helmy
Vice President Student Life

Youssef Helmy is going into his fourth year of Industrial Engineering at Ryerson with a specialization in innovation and entrepreneurship. He is passionate about improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes.
Throughout his time at Ryerson, Youssef has been heavily involved with extracurriculars on campus. This included, being the FEAS senate representative, the Muslim Students’ Association VP External Affairs and currently one of the RSU’s FEAS directors as well as being the commissioner for the Transit Committee on the RSU which aims to provide students with a more affordable, accessible and convenient transit service.
Youssef aims to enhance the engineering students’ on campus student life through providing quality events that cater to different audiences. Thus, he overlooks 3 diverse committees, the event planning committee, the charity committee and the bug committee. Those committees will work hard to provide enhanced mental health services and panels, more sports intramurals, gaming events, semi-formal, de-stress events and opportunities to help with charities that could impact the lives of many people around the world.
If you would like to help him with any of his initiatives or may have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact him at his email!

[email protected]

Sarmila Senthil
Vice President External

Sarmila is a fourth year civil engineering student who has been involved with many Ryerson events and organisations over the past three years. She has helped to coordinate events such as the First Year Integration Conference and Ryerson Engineering Competition, and was previously a part of the events planning and external relations committees on RESS. She has been a frosh leader, VP Communications for the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering: Ryerson Chapter and has also worked at the Student Learning Centre through the years. From her involvement at Ryerson, Sarmila has developed a passion for engaging with her fellow students and hopes to increase student involvement and awareness of opportunities outside of academics. Besides her student involvement, she enjoys exploring Toronto, trying new food and meeting people. If you would like to learn how to get involved both professionally and socially within Ryerson engineering, feel free to contact her!

[email protected]

Ibrahim Khan
Vice President Corporate Relations

Ibrahim is a 3rd-year industrial engineering student and an active student leader in the ryerson community, being involved with numerous student groups since his first year. This year, Ibrahim is hoping to expand the portfolio of RESS by bringing in new sponsors, while also establishing a new forum for alumni. Ibrahim is a member of ryerson’s cricket team and loves watching all types of sports in his spare time, while keeping an eye on world events and global politics. Do not hesitate to contact Ibrahim at his email!

[email protected].

Ahmadreza Khonsari
Vice President Academic

Reza is going to his third year of civil engineering, structural engineering option and he also specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation. Reza strives to be the best, He always tries to be better than the person he was yesterday. Among his friends, Reza is known as Dr. Reza because he helps everyone and he knows everything. He does anything he can to help people, so feel free to message him for anything. Reza is the biggest Kanye fan you will ever know, he knows every Kanye lyrics and loves to have deep conversations about Kanye’s music.

Reza can be reached at his email!

[email protected]

Ali Asad
Vice President Finance

Ali is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student specializing in Mechatronics. He started his journey at RESS as a member of event planning committee and has actively engaged himself on campus by volunteering for various student groups. He recently served at the First-Year Engineering Office as the Orientation Lead and has worked as Member Relations Assistant at Ryerson Athletics in the past.
He plans to efficiently manage funds, stimulate fluent financial operations, raise awareness about the financial resources and increase the level of financial transparency at RESS.

[email protected]


Vishaal Venkatesh
Aerospace Director

Vishaal Venkatesh is a third year aerospace engineering student specializing in the aircraft stream. This year Vishaal’s main goal is to build a strong well-knit aerospace community through a variety of events targeted towards entrepreneurship and innovation.  He is also planning to collaborate with other student groups and the ACU to provide a vast range of events that will increase student involvement. He also wants to improve the quality and structure of the design teams by creating the Ryerson University Aerospace Team (RUAT) which will enable students to easily access all available resources provided by the various design teams.

Vishaal loves talking to people and especially if you mention aerospace in that conversation, a little nerdy but loves interactions. Make sure to say hello and have a chat if you see his beautiful face around!

Vishaal can be reached at his email!

[email protected].

Abdelrahman Abdou
Biomedical Director

Abdelrahman is a 4th year biomedical engineering student. He is the biomedical director for the 2017/2018 RESS term. A dedicated student with a passion in helping others through his academic and volunteering work. He is involved with many organizations including TETRA, SAGE Ryerson, ESA, and the SAR Group. He is a skilled student in electronics design, and biomedical instrumentation. His goals for this term include assisting first year students with mentorship and peer to peer connections, developing biomedical industry networking events, and providing electronic hands-on workshops.

[email protected].

Anirudh Sanil
Civil Director

Hey civil gang. The name is Anirudh Sanil and he is your Civil Director. His vision is very clear for this upcoming year 2017-2018. He wants to provide us civil engineers, with only the best resources, tools, and opportunities. He wishes to enhance every aspect of your university experience such as professional, academic and social life in a positive way. As a civil engineer, he doesn’t only want to build bridges and reduce traffic problems in and around GTA but also, wants to build a strong foundation of trust, love, appreciation, motivation and innovation for our 4-year civil undergraduate program. He will try his best to meet your demands, and supply whatever is needed for civil engineers to succeed and shine in and outside of Ryerson. If you all want to catch him, come by the RESS office KHE123 and make sure you come with a new Toronto sound so that he can update his playlist (FYI he is one of the biggest Drake fans alive).

[email protected].

Payal Tandal
Chemical Director

Hi everyone. I’m Payal Tandal, Winter Chemical Director of RESS and 3rd year Chemical Engineering student. I’m hoping to work alongside the future Fall Chemical Director (TBD) to improve the academic support, network opportunities, and connect all years together for a better growth environment. I’m always open to listening to any feedback or concerns you have about the program so feel free to send me an email!

[email protected].

Iyvan Chandran
Computer Director

Iyvan Chandran is your Computer Engineering Director for RESS! He is going into his third year of computer engineering at Ryerson. He chose to be a part of RESS to make a positive impact to the Computer Engineering community. Other than school, he personally loves to play basketball, swimming and biking. He is a huge thrill seeker! Hence why mountain biking is one of his favorite pass time. Nothing can compare to the exhilarating  thrill of being on a mountain bike. Pizza is his favorite food and nobody has better pizza than pizza pizza. He knows everybody is hater on pizza pizza, but there’s a right way to do it! He is an avid gamer! He personally is a big fan of smash 4 and kingdom hearts. He looks forward to being your Computer Engineering Director for the Ryerson Engineering Student Society.

[email protected]

Syed Farzad Hasan
Electrical Director

Farzad Hasan is your Electrical Engineering Director for RESS. He will be going into his third year of electrical engineering here at Ryerson. He has decided to be a part of RESS to make a positive impact, particularly in the electrical engineering community.

A bit about himself, outside school the things he enjoys the most would be soccer and video games. He loves everything about soccer, playing it, watching it. He absolutely loves Chelsea, a huge supporter of this lovely football club and a huge supporter of the beautiful game. He also loves playing video games. One game in particular that he plays the most is FIFA, obviously tying into his love for soccer. He would say he is fairly decent at FIFA and if anyone wants to play him, he is willing to face any challenge. Outside of my love for these activities, he absolutely love the outdoors. He loves parks and is lucky to live in Toronto as it has an abundance of parks to enjoy.

All in all, he wishes to play a great and fulfilling role as your Electrical Engineering Director at RESS.

[email protected].


Now hiring!
Industrial Director

Apply Here.

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Muhammad Fahad Manzoor
Mechanical Director

Fahad Manzoor is in his 4th year of Mechanical Engineering specialising in Mechatronics. He is an energetic and enthusiastic individual who wants to bring awareness about two major in Mechanical Engineering. Fahad is also member of RESS Finance and External Relations Committee. His mission is to serve RESS using his experience and skills to the best of his ability.

[email protected].