RESS Elections

On behalf of the Chief Returning Officer, we are pleased to formally announce the results of the 2017 Ryerson Engineering Student Society elections.

President – Edwin Alegre
Vice President Academic – Ahmadreza Khonsari
Vice President Communication – Divyansh Chandel
Vice President Corporate Relations – Ibrahim Khan
Vice President External Relations – Sarmila Senthilmanoharan
Vice President Operations – Sharviny Vettivelu
Vice President Student Life – Youssef Helmy

Aerospace – Vishaal Venkatesh
Biomedical – Abdelrahman Abdou
Chemical – Payal Tandal
Civil – Anirudh Sanil
Computer – Iyvan Chandran
Electrical – Syed Farzad Hasan
Industrial – Oana Duta
Mechanical – Muhammad Fahad Manzoor
Detailed ballot counts will be available next week.


Candidate Profiles

Alessandro Cunsolo 







Jeffrey Lee

Hello everyone, My name is Jeffrey Lee, I am running for Aerospace director. I hope this message reaches you! I plan to create a stronger bridge between students and industry professionals / Alumni because in the end we are here to get jobs and one of the best ways to do it is through connections! The second issue I plan to tackle is a greater knowledge on internships and RAIDI that many 1st and 2nd years lack ! I am an experienced leader who has served students before as Student Council president, Athletic Council Co-President and Interact Vice President back in high school. I know what it take to bring people to achieve a common goal and have the drive to make it happen. I hope you make the right choice for Aerospace Director Jeffrey Lee

Osama Ahmed Solomah

Hello fellow engineers, my name is Osamah Solomah and I am honored to be running for your Aerospace Engineering Director. My prior experience of connections within the City of Mississauga has brought me here, wanting to guide the future of Aerospacees! I am taking strides towards innovations within the Aerospace industry; along side with networking at an affordable cost! Making ideas come to life allows us to really feel for the industry; networking continues to encourage us to focus on real applicable situations and allows us to engage with the industry itself. Have a taste of real life with me; and vote for Osamah Solomah!

Vishaal Venkatesh

No blurb provided

Taha Abbasi-Hashemi

Hi there, I’m happy to announce that I am running for RESS elections as Biomedical Engineering Director, the main reasons I want to run are:
1) A little known fact is that when you enter at Ryerson you are automatically registered for multiple scholarships. There are well over 200 scholarships offered for Ryerson engineering yet none of them reach out to just biomedical engineers.
2) Biomedical engineering at Ryerson isn’t treated as its own discipline, we share all internships with electrical and computer engineers. Many of which specify that the position is only for computer and electrical leaving biomed with fewer options.
3) Many students come into Biomedical Engineering thinking there would be more bio, more theory, and more opportunities and often come out empty handed and upset. By better explaining to people what biomedical engineering is and what you can expect from biomedical engineering I hope to have a higher amount of biomedical engineers in the future.



Abdelrahman Abdou

I am a third year biomedical engineering student. For this coming RESS term, I plan to achieve a lot from improving the student’s learning through direct mentorship with industry professionals to advocating to allow more lab access for all students. I am passionate towards helping others through my experiences and my engineering education. If you have any questions and want to know more about my plans and my goals for RESS, please do message me on facebook (Abdelrahman Sameh) or if you see me, come over! Students’ academic well being is the aim and I am here for you!

Payal Tandal

Payal is currently a second-year Chemical Engineering student. She has been actively involved across campus through volunteering with several events and campaigns. She is the type of student who likes to be informed on student and academic life. Many students seek information and advice from Payal because she is known for being resourceful; she is always aware of RESS event dates, academic deadlines within her year of study, and has a large collection of notes and past midterms across all disciplines which she shares with the student body. Payal would like to improve the Co-op search process and academic life by providing the students with more resources and opportunities.

Gunj Patel

Gunj is a First Year Civil Engineering student. Starting off with playing with building blocks in his childhood, he developed a passion for building things. He enjoys watching documentaries on famous structures and how they were built. He wants to run for Civil Director because he wants to make a difference in the Engineering society through his ambitious ideas and creative thinking. He also wishes to make the transition for new students become as easy as possible by hosting dedicated social and educational sessions.

Anirudh Sanil 

Hey RyEng. My name is Anirudh Sanil, currently in second year of civil engineering, with a minor in psychology. I am humbled enough to be one of the candidates running to represent you as civil engineering director. I am looking forward in strengthening our access to information that can help you all study effectively with the right resources at hand, also access to resources like safety boots where students can rent for a given time frame. Another goal of mine is to get us out of our daily academic routines and get more involved with social and professional gatherings so that we acquire skills that can get us ready to face outside world challenges. Leaving work aside, I hope to understand and connect to you all on a personal level. I have had experiences of hardship and I know what it takes to sit in front of your desk working that over night shift so that we could prove to ourselves and our family members that we are engineers who know how to get 4.0’s and nothing less. However, this should not come at a cost where we are wasting our precious time studying hard, when we could study smart and attend to important things in life. This can be accomplished if we have a transparent place to get information that could help us succeed. In that being said, we need to have libraries, computer labs open to engineers 24/7 all year round. Finally, I hope to introduce more discount on foods for us engineers to function with high performance. So, I hope that I can relate and connect with you all to make Ryerson engineering to same par as any Ivy league engineering programs. Don’t forget to vote for Anirudh Sanil as your civil director if you want a better civil engineering community and experience.

Osama Mayassi

No blurb provided

Iyvan Chandran

I am a passionate second year Computer Engineer who wishes to make changes that will make engineering a little bit easier. Some of the few changes I wish to make are: Allow first and second years to have 24-hour access to the Engineering building. Allow Computer and Electrical Engineers to have access to computer labs in second year. Have supplementary documents or rewrite the lab manuals for COE 318 and COE 428. Work for more tutorial sessions before midterms/exams for upper year courses. Some things about me are that I love programming, like basketball, and love to play video games.

Archit Gupta

No blurb provided

Fatima Hasan

I am a passionate and motivated first year electrical engineering student. The people that I have met in the short time that I have attended the school, inspired me to explore leadership opportunities to continue improving Ryerson. As Electrical Director, I plan to increase the number of meet and greets to expand the electrical’s social and professional circles. In addition, I will collaborate with course union to regularly update exam banks, organize more tutorials in order to increase success. I am humbled and honoured to be running for this position, and have the chance to represent the electrical engineers.

Farzad Hasan

I am Farzad Hasan, a 2nd year Electrical Engineering student, and I am running to be your electrical engineering director at RESS for the year 2017-18. As your electrical engineering director, I will strive to create a more inclusive community amongst electrical engineering students. I will also work to provide electrical engineering students more access to labs outside the allotted time that we are given. A vote for me will be a vote for your voice!



Oana Duta

I would love to be able to help other industrial engineering students through ress as industrial director.






Sahra Shams

Sahra Shams, a first year Industrial Engineering student, is running for the Industrial Director of the Ryerson Engineering Student Society. In her time being here, she has shown commitment to helping fellow engineering students. Through her involvement in the First Year Committee and Women in Engineering, Sahra has used her passion to help others and make a difference. If elected, Sahra plans on creating a mentorship program for current students to get one-on-one support, invite alumni where upper year students can ask questions and network to a panel of well-achieved graduates, host social events, workshops and more!

Abrham Bisrat

No blurb provided

Aidan Messom

As Industrial Director I will have two main priorities: 1. Create a system to collect student feedback on professors and TAs to aggregate the information and bring concerns to the Faculty in more impactful ways. 2. Improve the current petition system for determining which IND courses will run in the spring/summer semesters. As a third year student going into fourth year I have a complete perspective on the whole program. I have also worked extensively with other student groups around campus and have the skills and experience needed to effectively serve Industrial students and represent our program on the board.

Farhan Raza

Farhan Raza is in his first year of mechanical engineering. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated leader with a great passion for helping everyone. His main goal is to create a master drive with notes and tests for all engineering students; a folder where they can access helpful materials to better prepare them for their midterms and finals. He looks forward to including more engaging and educational workshops for mechanical engineering students. He actively strives for greatness and desires to make education more accessible for all engineering students.


Fahad Manzoor

I am 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student specializing in Mechatronics. I have required skills, knowledge and experience to excel beyond expectations. This opportunity will allow me to use my 3 years of academic experience towards serving Mechies better





Reza Khonsari

Hey there! My name is Reza Khonsari, I’m a second-year civil engineering student, and I am running to be your next Vice-president academic. I decided to run for this position because academia has always been a priority to me and RESS currently lacks in academic area as only 40℅ of the events that RESS does are academic related, and I really want to change it. During the past year, I have started a note bank for civil engineering courses ( and hosted study sessions for 6-7 civil courses. My campaign points are simple 1) more competitions 2) support program for first-year students 3) soft-skill workshops. More info visit

Madeline Sialtsis

Madeline Sialtsis is a third year aerospace student with a passion for space exploration. She hopes to use her experiences with RESS committees and affiliate groups to improve RESS communications services in the 2017-2018 year. Her goals for this position include starting the Engine, a newspaper highlighting the professional accomplishments of our engineering students; hiring a dedicated RESS photographer; and providing support to RESS affiliate groups for their graphic design needs. She will be deferring some of her fourth year courses, giving her time to dedicate to RESS. Please vote March 13th-15th for a person with passion and dedication.

Divyansh Chandel

Currently in my 3rd year of Aerospace engineering, I am running for the position of VP Communications. I have always been heavily involved on campus from the start and have always helped to give back to the community, I feel my networking and communicative skills along with a graphic design and a creative background have helped me grow as a person. I have been heavily involved with student groups like ACU, EWB, Tetra as well as cultural groups and have amazing marketing experience that would makes me a perfect candidate for this position.


Matthew Smith

My name is Matthew Smith and I am running to be your next Vice-President Communications of RESS! I bring the most experience of any candidate to the position of VP Communications. I am heavily involved with the Ryerson Engineering community, having been a part of the largest events and groups on campus. Over the last few years, I’ve had the honor of holding these positions: – -FYIC 2016 Delegate Relations -REC 2016 VP Communications I firmly believe that through my experience and dedication to helping students I am the best choice to be your VP Communications!

Dave Alcivar

Dave Alcivar is a third year Aerospace Engineering student with a passion to create change and help students. Dave has been heavily involved since day one at Ryerson. He has been part of different organizations that have given him the opportunity to give back to the community as well as taught him how to plan and lead. With this experience, Dave now hopes to further give back to the engineering community as the VP External of RESS. His campaign points for this position are: Represent, Engage, Inform and Collaborate. If you’d like to learn more about Dave’s campaign points please go to


Sarmila Senthilmanoharan

Hello fellow engineers! My name is Sarmila Senthil and I am a third year civil engineering student. I have gained experience for this position while working on the external relations committee’s and through planning and attending several Ryerson conferences. In this position I will: -Create an interactive blog dedicated to conferences and to boost interest in Ryerson Engineering external relations – Increase awareness of our relationship with the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students and the resulting opportunities for our students – Host workshops by conference delegates sharing conference knowledge

Sandeep Suri

Sandeep is a student who strives to bring creative events to the table. As part of the event planning committee, he’s been in charge of a few events, such as the popular Games Night, and also helped out with events such as the Nooner. He wants to create events for students next year that can help them deviate their stress into something fun.




Youssef Helmy

Hey Ryerson Engineering Students! My name is Youssef Helmy and I am a 3rd year Industrial Engineering student.

Throughout my 3 years at Ryerson, I have been involved with many different initiatives that have allowed me to enhance my event-planning skills and my ability to work in an organization that represents a body of students. I was involved with the Event Planning Committee (EPC) in the academic year 2015-2016 where I worked under the VP Student Life and was responsible for running sports events. During my time in EPC, I helped organize a charity bubble soccer event and my team and I run a survey where a 1000 students responded saying they wanted soccer intermurals exclusively for engineering students. So I ran the soccer intermurals where over a 100 students participated and challenged each other over the course of 5 weeks.

One of the most important things that I have learned from working in EPC is that diversity leads to better ideas and a better quality of work ! So if elected, one of the most important things I would value and ensure to have at RESS is a diverse team assisting with social and charity events and a welcoming environment that allows everyone to participate in RESS events.

Thank you and feel free to talk to me at anytime on facebook or in person !

Sarah Bailey

No blurb provided

Ibrahim Khan

No blurb provided

Renee Vettivelu

I am currently in my second year of Aerospace Engineering and am running for VP Operations of RESS 2017-18! I have executive experience with course unions and student groups (ACU, Poetic Exchange) and additional involvement with various organizations across Ryerson. As VP Operations, I aim to increase student involvement within RESS, offer more engineering experience opportunities, and lobby for more accessibility to campus space. I aspire to see RESS become a more approachable environment and enhance engineering inclusivity through more peer-to-peer support systems. I ensure to make RESS operations professionally transparent and support each student in their engineering endeavours!

Minakshi Suri

Minakshi Suri is a 3rd year civil engineering student. Her resilience and determination make her a suitable candidate for VP Operations. She always does her best to go beyond and ensure events are promoted, documentation is accounted for and pathways of communications is clear as possible. It’s her attention to detail and understanding basic needs of students that has helped her serve the community accordingly and execute the little tasks smoothly. Above all, it’s her undying love for the faculty that motivates her to help out in any way she can for a community that is given her so much.

Obaid Ullah

Hey ryEng! I am running to be your next RESS President. I have been an active member of the Ryerson community as a student leader during my time on campus. I’ve served as the VP Operations and President for the Ryerson Students’ Union. I’d like to run for President of RESS to focus on the 3 fundamental pillars for engineering students, Professional Growth, Academic Excellence, and Social Life. I will also be focusing on the REAP – Ryerson Engineering Alumni Program to advance our Alumni relations and help develop professional growth.



Edwin Philippe Alegre

Edwin Alegre is a 4th year Electrical Engineering student, fresh off his 16 month internship. Edwin has been extremely involved with Ryerson Engineering since first year and has gone on to lead various student groups and committees. As President, he will ensure that his fellow peers get the most out of their education. His experience has equipped him with different skills that can be applied to all types of challenges that he may face as President. Edwin’s platform rests on 3 main pillars: Academics, Spirit, and Community. To learn more about his platform and experience, visit:



Valerian Gomes

I am in my 4th year at Ryerson as a Leader, Student, Athlete and Worker. I am running on Honesty, Trust and Cooperation. As Engineers we are on the road to being Professionals and so we are responsible for a lot more than ourselves but the Community around us. If I’m elected I promise to make sure the students are aware of RESS’ activity. I will work with the other faculties to help minimize bias’ in our hiring process.(Two or More person Interviews) Trial runs for Online BOD Meetings to engage more students. Please check my plan of actions and more of what I Stand for at


 Important dates

Nomination period Start: Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
Nomination form submission deadline (tentative): Monday (6 PM), Feb 13th, 2017
Exemption form submission deadline: Monday (6 PM), Feb 13th, 2017
Exemption BOD meeting: February 14th, 2017 (6 PM) ENG 358
All candidates meeting: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 6:00pm
Campaign material submission deadline: Monday, March 6th, 2017
Campaign period start: begins at 8am on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017
Voting days start: begins at 8am on Monday, March 13, 2017
Voting days end: end at 5pm on Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Poster teardown deadline: TBA (via email)
Expense form submission: March 15th, 2017 here:
Election results: March 17th, 2017 (released on RESS website and social media)
AGM: March 21st, 2017 (6:00PM)
 For any questions, please email [email protected]

All necessary election documents are available below. Please note, some dates and regulations have been changed since the creation of these documents. Please email [email protected] for any clarifications. The dates listed above are the most up to date. Candidates may refer to their notes form the all candidates meeting or emails from CRO for most up to date guidelines. 
  • Qualification Exemption.pdf

  • Executive Nomination.pdf

  • Director Nomination.pdf

  • Complaint.pdf

  • Scrutineer Registrations.pdf

0 Folders, 5 Files (2 MB)

Provided below are quick summaries of the elections process. For the full set of rules and guidelines, please read Appendix I of the policy manual by clicking here

Are You Eligible?

To be the Director representing a discipline, you need to be enrolled in that discipline currently and plan on staying enrolled in that discipline. If you switch disciplines, you would be required to resign.

To be an Executive, you must meet more criteria.

To be the Vice President Operations, Student Life, External, Corporate Relations, Academic or Communications, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Have been on the Board of Directors of RESS for one full year, or
  2. Have been on an Executive Committee for one full year, or
  3. Have some other experience the Board of Directors deems appropriate.

To be the President, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. At least 1 full year on the Board of Directors of RESS, and
  2. Have been enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science for at least 2 years.

To be the Vice President Finance, you must apply and be selected by the current Board of Directors of RESS. This will take place before final exams.

How To Be Nominated:

If you are eligible to run, based on the above requirements, you must complete a nomination form. This form will ask you some basic information, as well as what position you are running for. It will then include space for you to collect signatures from your fellow undergraduate engineering students. To be officially nominated, you must collect:

  • At least 25 signatures for any Executive position, or
  • At least 20 signatures for any Director position.

None of the required signatures can come from any current member of the Board of Directors of RESS. Signatures for a Director position must come from people enrolled in the discipline you are running to represent. If you are hoping to run for an Executive position, and you do not have the year of experience on the Board of Directors or an Executive committee, you will also need to fill out a form explaining what relevant experience you do have and submit it with the rest of your nomination forms.

Finally, these forms must be submitted to the CRO by the date they choose for you to be able to run in the election.


 (Updated) Campaign Finances:

RESS follows very simple rules for finances for your campaign. If you are running for an Executive position, you cannot spend more than $50.00. If you are running for a Director position, you cannot spend more than $30.00. If you go over this limit by more than 5%, you will be disqualified.

Note: You will not be reimbursed for your campaign finances


No slates


For all inquiries, please contact [email protected]


Next BOD Meeting

March 21st, 2017 (6PM – ENG103)

If you wish to attend this meeting, please email [email protected] confirming your attendance

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