Study Sessions

RESS offers a variety of study sessions, most facilitated by TAs.

These sessions are provided free of charge to the students and are meant to be an aid/supplement to the professor’s teaching, NOT an alternative.

In order to attend these sessions, you must first fill out this disclaimer form

Upcoming Sessions:

CVL 320 (Strength 1): Mon, October 17, 6pm – 8pm SLC 508

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CVL 320:

Terms of Service

In the provision of tutoring services, every effort has been made to provide a professional and
high quality service. The Ryerson Engineering Student Society provides this service ‘as is’
without warranties of any kind.
By agreeing to attend a tutoring session by the Ryerson Engineering Student Society, you agree
to the following:

  • The tutor is an independent contractor and he/she is not acting as an agent of the Ryerson=
    Engineering Student Society or Ryerson University.
  •  By attending a tutoring session your academic standing (e.g. grades, pre-requisite
    requirements and other academic concerns) will remain unaffected.
  • That tutors are fellow students, not instructors. I know that tutoring services are not a
    substitute for attending classes. I regard tutoring as a tool to help me better comprehend
    academic or practical materials/ assignments. I am ultimately responsible for my success
    in class.
  • The Ryerson Engineering Student Society and Ryerson University is not responsible for
    the validity of the information obtained through the tutoring session.
  • You hereby waive any and all possible claims that you might have against the Ryerson
    Engineering Student Society and Ryerson University arising out of or related to the the
    tutoring session, the information provided, and the tutor.