Why RESS benefits YOU?

About Opt-In

The Student Choice Initiative (SCI); what is it anyways? The Student Choice Initiative is a new program that was launched by Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, last year. The SCI was meant to give students an option to pay for services that they think are beneficial for them. In addition to that, the SCI is supposed to add an extra layer of accountability to student run organizations within Ontario universities by ensuring that the funding received through “essential fees” are being spent according to what the Ontario Government deems to be a necessary component to student life. For more in depth information on the Student Choice Initiative and a breakdown on what funding is deemed necessary, click here.

Affected RESS Services

Events and Socials


Student Life is one of the most important aspects of any Engineering Student’s university career. Events and socials throughout the year are at risk. This includes the famous Billy Ball, Meet and Greets, and Inter-school Collaborations. Save your Events. Save your Socials.


In a 21st century, digital connections, social media, and printed publications are key to every individuals growth and success at Ryerson. RESS is at risk of loosing all of our publications (the Golden Ram, the Engine, and the Handbook, etc). Save Publications, help Communications!

Iron Ring


Every Canadian Engineering student works tirelessly to one day earn their Iron Ring. RESS provides the funds for your ring, and the Iron Ring Ceremony. By opting out, you’re missing out on this once in a lifetime ceremony. This is our legacy, how will you save it?

Bug Push


Every year students and faculty will push our Bug around the Kerr Hall Quad for 24hrs non-stop. This charity event is at risk - not only does this affect RESS but it also affects our ability to contribute to the SickKids Foundation. The only thing you should push is the Bug.

Frosh Week

Talk to any engineering student and we can almost guarantee a highlight from their student life was from frosh. They can experience Purpling, Iron pin ceremony, Night Events, Academic Support and more exciting events. Help 1st years start off strong!

Merchandise & Printing

RESS offers one of the cheapest and accessible printing options on Campus. Additionally, we sell merchandise such as patches, hoodies, shirts and more. Every single one of these services risk termination. Don’t be a pull-over….

There are many more services and opportunities at risk - this includes Thesis Grants and Conference Aid.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

How to Opt-In


Our Campaign

Share the Campaign

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There’s only so much we can do to get the word out to as many people as we can. Believe us, we’re pulling all the stops, but even then, it won’t be enough. At the end of the day, we need your help too! You have all been so great so far spreading the word about how student run organizations have helped you at Ryerson, but let’s do even more.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Share our posts

  • Spread the hashtag: #SaveRESSDontPress

  • Tell your friends

  • Use our FaceBook frame

Join the Campaign

Want to be part of the movement? Come and share your stories! We always want to hear about how RESS has enhanced your time here at Ryerson, now it’s time for others to hear it too.

We will provide you with:

  • Personalized Instagram Stories

  • Facebook Posts

  • Custom Graphics

In-order for our society to continue growing, we’re asking design teams, student groups, just about everyone to raise awareness within our community. RESS represents us all. We’re one big community that has always stuck together, let’s keep that tradition going.


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