The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is a professional organization representing over 60,000 chemical engineers from over 110 countries around the globe. AIChE provides a wide range of resources (dedicated co-op job postings, engineering databases, scholarships, competitions and much more) for you – whether you’re planning for a career in core process industries or newer, cutting-edge emerging areas.

The ryEng community is full of amazing stories, achievements, dreams, and passions. That’s why Humans of ryEng was created – to share those stories. Together the Humans team will create social media campaigns, student showcases, and multiplatform content to achieve their goal of ensuring everyone is heard and valued.

*Based on the famous Humans of New York.*

Tetra Ryerson is a student run group that works with the North American Society of Tetra. We break down accessibility barriers for individuals with disabilities by designing and developing innovative assistive devices. We are currently working on a number of different projects. Throughout the year we will be welcoming new clients, which will open numerous opportunities for students to work with industry professionals to develop and apply a variety of creative, problem solving, and technical skills. In addition to our hands-on design projects, we also host: industry nights, workshops (with our exoskeleton workshop being most popular), hospital and research facility tours, and our annual Assistive Devices and Medical Technologies Conference. The many facets of Tetra Ryerson challenge students with tackle real-world problems and use engineering to break down barriers.

Ryerson Women in Engineering (WiE) supports women in the engineering community with their academic performance, professional development, and social network. This is achieved through WiE’s mentorship program, career-building and networking events, and technical workshops. WiE also participates in outreach initiatives to encourage women to pursue engineering in their post secondary education.

The Ryerson Engineering Competition is an annual competition for all engineering students at Ryerson. The REC committee is responsible for planning and organizing this extraordinary event.

The ryEngSOC is Ryerson Engineering’s spirt and orientation team. These individuals plan Frosh week and many spirit events throughout the year.

We turn dreams into reality by creating a community of students that share the same vision of using the biggest industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, to solve exciting challenges. In engineering and executive teams and across various departments (including Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Biomedical Artificial Intelligence) we do everything AI. This means building AI projects, hosting AI events, and hosting or competing in AI competitions.

RUAT offers workshops for students who want to join aerospace engineering design teams, teaching them crucial software such as CADIA and the open-source electronics platform Arduino.

Open to students with a range of experience, HEC offers hands-on learning opportunities in RaspberryPi computing, coding and more in their weekly workshops.