Chemical Director Application

To be eligible, you must be enrolled as a full-time Chemical Engineering student at Ryerson University.

For a full list of responsibilities and duties as the Chemical Engineering Director, please refer to the Policy Manual and Constitution (

3.9.2. The Discipline Directors’ duties include but are not limited to those listed below. The
Discipline Directors shall:
(a) Participate in at least two (2) Executive committees throughout the academic year.
(b) Attend meetings held by their respective course union, provided the meetings are
open to the discipline director.
(c) Throughout the year, provide updates on all activities of the course union and the
students in their discipline to the Board of Directors.
(d) Have the option to appoint representation for each year in their respective discipline
to liaise between the director and the student body.
(e) Represent the interests and the concerns of the membership of their discipline.
(f) Be required to attend a minimum of one meeting with their department and one
meeting with their course union per semester. The purpose of said meeting is to learn
what the department and course union have planned for the semester.

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