Cheque Requisition

What is a cheque requisition?

A cheque requisition is a form that you must submit to receive reimbursement for expenses paid by you on behalf of RESS or one of its affiliate groups.

How can I find the appropriate account code?

All affiliate student groups under RESS is assigned a unique account code which houses their balance for the year. These codes are used in RESS’ internal accounting system to keep the budgets full updated. These codes are required when requesting a cheque requisition to ensure that the right account is being accessed. Account codes can be accessed below:

Affiliate Groups | RESS Internal

How do I upload receipts?

We recommend using a mobile PDF scanner, like Office Lens (Android iPhone), to convert your receipts to a PDF file. This is the only acceptable format to attach your receipts.

What happens once I submit the form?

Once you submit the form it will automatically generate a PDF version of your requisition with your receipts attached. This is automatically sent to the Vice President Finance for processing.

What should I do with the original receipts?

The original receipts, along with the PDF copy of the cheque requisition form, must be submitted to the RESS Office (KHE123) in order for you to receive your reimbursement cheque.

Best Practices:

  • You don’t need to enter multiple lines for the same type of expense. For example, if you have one receipt for tools for $60 and another receipt for tools for $40 – you can enter it as one line with the description “tools” and the amount as $100.

  • Please try not to purchase personal items on the same receipt as reimbursable expenses. It is easier to ask the cashier at the point of purchase to do two separate transactions.

  • Please ensure the originals and scanned copy of your receipts is legible – otherwise your reimbursement claim will be denied.

Follow the link below to submit your cheq req