Starting A New Student Group

In order to start a new student group under the umbrella of RESS, you will need to follow the instructions as listed below.


You must present at a RESS Board meeting to request approval for the creation of a new student group in FEAS. RESS Board meetings take place every two months throughout the academic year. To request a time slot at the next RESS Board meeting, please contact the Vice President Operations. If your request is urgent, you can contact the President to call a special board meeting.

You will be allocated a maximum time slot of 15 minutes at the meeting. The Vice President Operations will provide you with the time and location of your presentation prior to the meeting.

Presentation Guidelines

Your pitch/presentation must (at least) address the following:

  1. Which engineering demographic does it affect (electrical, chemical, all, etc.)

  2. Anticipated operating costs and revenue strategy (if any)?

  3. Why do you think there is a need for this group?

  4. Can you survive without space?

  5. Does this overlap with/conflict with any other student group that already exists?

The presentation must have visual aid (such as PowerPoint or Prezi or a video etc.)

File Submissions

The following files must be submitted to the Vice President Operations at least 1 week prior to you allocated time at a RESS Board Meeting:

1)  A PowerPoint or Prezi or a video (some visual aid)

2) A maximum 4 page summary of proposed student group (addressing all the questions above and more). This can be in Word or PDF (printable format) which will be printed and given to the Board members prior to the start of the presentation.


The Board may take up to a week to issue a decision regarding your request. The Board has to take into account several factors such as the need for the group, its long-term feasibility and how it complements existing groups.

Status & Budget Approval

Once a group is approved, it can enjoy the resources provided by RESS to its student groups.

Please note that RESS conducts budget meetings between July and September each year. If your group is approved during the academic year, there is a possibility it will not be eligible for funding until the next academic year.

In addition, every approved group in FEAS must annually submit a status form to the Office of the Dean. This is usually done in August – we will send you a reminder.