REC Chair Application


The REC Chair shall: §5.1.1-(a) Be responsible for organizing and promoting the Ryerson Engineering Competition.

  • §5.1.1-(b) Directly report to and work in full cooperation with the President.

  • §5.1.1-(c) Form a committee which must receive the approval of the President.

  • §5.1.1-(d) If a vacancy occurs, a suitable replacement may be appointed by the President.

  • §5.1.2) Eligibility §5.1.2-(a) Candidates for the position of REC chair must meet the following requirements:

    • §5.1.2-(b) Must have attended at least one of the REC, OEC, CEC as a spectator or participant.

    • §5.1.2-(c) Must have one (1) year experience in the organization of REC.

    • §5.1.2-(d) No member shall chair the REC for more than one year.

The deadline to apply is: July 13th, 2019 @ 11:59

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