Introducing RESSipes!

Ressipes is our new addition to the Beyond Engineering section in our newsletter, where we will be featuring your home recipes. Our goal is to empower food lovers to make these dishes at home. In this section, we’d love to see your unique recipes, or your take on the provided recipes. Sweet salty and savoury, you can find it all at Ressipes. Try your hand at the recipes whether your a beginner learning through trial and error, or whether your an experienced chef!

How it works:

Visit this form to send us your recipe in detailed steps along with pictures or a video of your process. We will upload your recipe to our website and challenge others to recreate it. 

When a new recipe is uploaded, we will post an announcement on our Instagram account: @ryersonengineer. We’d love to see your recreation of this recipe along with any twists you’d like to add. Post your version on Instagram using the hashtag: #ressipes. Once the submissions are in, we will be posting all the creations on our Instagram. The ones with the most votes will also be featured in our newsletter: Ress Records under the Beyond Engineering section.  

By: Maya Rahaman-Noronha